Webbs Road


Ofsted rating 2016 Good 

'Overall, staff offer children a wide choice of different and interesting activities. They observe children regularly and base activities on what children need to learn next. Children are challenged well in their learning and make good progress'

'Staff support children's understanding of the world well. For instance, they plant and tend to vegetables with children, to teach them about how plants grow. Children concentrate and engage in learning well. Staff make timely interventions in children's play to support their learning.'

Linden Tree Webbs Road is situated 15-20 minutes walk from Clapham South tube station and 10-15 minutes walk from Clapham Junction train station. We are only minutes from the delightful Northcote Road and have close links to the Outstanding Honeywell and Belleville primary schools.

We have a custom built buggy shed where you can securely store your buggies during the day.

The building is a bit of a tardis, although it looks discreet and small from the outside, the nursery actually provides large, light open spaces for the children to learn and grow in.  We have four classrooms with modern features and furniture. We also have a free flowing garden which provides a wonderful outside classroom for all children. We provide a selection of spaces in the classrooms which are equipped with a range or resources to meet the children’s individual needs, providing an enabling environment for all.

'We are sad that it is time for Mariana to leave Linden Tree Nursery. Time flies so quickly. Mariana is so happy to attend. It is a pleasure for me that Mariana has had a chance to be a part of such great team and I've also got valuable experience to have had the possibility to look at different approaches in kids' bringing up which are completely different and better than ones in my native country. We want to thank you all, keep doing such a great work and make lots of kids and parents happy.'

- Inna (Mariana's parent- Webbs Road)


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