Old Town


Ofsted Grading 2017 Good

'Staff are positive role models for children. They manage behaviour calmly and encourage children to be sensitive towards others. Children are polite, friendly and well mannered'

'Staff are warm and nurturing towards the children and they help them to form secure emotional attachments. Children are happy and confident, and staff encourage them to share their views and express how they feel. For example, children use a feelings board to communicate how they feel each day. Staff provide good opportunities for children to develop their physical skills. For example, children enjoy using the outdoor play equipment and attending sports sessions. Staff help children to learn about other cultures and communities, and to develop positive attitudes towards others.'

'Children make good progress from their starting points and are well prepared for the next stages in their learning. Children are confident communicators. They recall past learning and are eager to express their thoughts and ideas. Older children have good early literacy skills and recognise, sound out and write letters that are important to them. Children gain good independence and manage age-appropriate tasks.'

Linden Tree Old Town is very conveniently situated 5 minutes’ walk from Clapham Common tube station. Perfect for parents commuting in the morning during rush hour. We have a custom built buggy shed where you can securely store your buggies during the day.

The nursery consists of two buildings connected by the garden all of which provide light open spaces for the children to learn and grow in. The under two's are one side and the over two's are on the other. Being just minutes from the common children enjoy the opportunity to engage with nature and explore the local community with awe and wonder.  


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