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Our highly esteemed practitioners and teachers are formally qualified or working towards either Degree level or NVQ 3 in Early Childhood Education. They also receive training in the Froebelian principles through the travelling tutors from the Froebel Trust.

Froebel believed that children learn by listening and observing behaviours which they then master and copy in order to interact with their peers or express their emotions. As they get older they can link the natural world with Maths and Literacy, express their feelings through art or dance, it is the adults' role to guide that learning. 

The Froebelian approach encompasses a list of principles with which an educational setting should base its foundations on;


  • Respect

  • Community

  • Connectedness

  • Learning and Development

  • Creativity

  • Environment

  • Positive Relationships

  • Well Qualified Early Years Professionals


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