August 2020

2020 has definitely not been as expected. From closing our Lavender Hill nursery during the lock down and only having Old Town and Webb's Rd open for key worker's children our staff needed to adapt. Some needed to accept they would be furloughed until we were able to have them back at work and others' worked throughout lock down taking on what was needed. We were also key workers and we knew those children needed us just as much as we needed them. 

Our fantastic team took on new children and continued to support our current families as best they could, without any complaints they embraced everyday.


This year all three Nursery Schools could not come together as in years gone by, so they stayed safety in their nursery bubbles. Anita, our newly appointed Health and Well-being co-coordinator, prepared well-being bags for the staff. Each consisted of a personalised mug, some essential oils, a face mask, a voucher and a card, each with a note specific to the staff member outlining how much we appreciate them. 

The team enjoyed food and drinks together and each manager had games for them to play. but the main focus was to recognise the strengths within the diverse teams we have. We know the nursery's would not be a success without them. 

July 2019
Winners Parents Choice Award- Linden Tre
End of Day Team Photo- Linden Tree Nurse

The rain was not going to ruin our fun this year! Although we were not able to play rounders on the common that did not stop us having a different kind of get together.

The staff from all three Nursery Schools met at our Webbs Road setting to play human bingo and give out special awards. We had four Staff Spotlight awards to present as the parents voted for their best practitioner and the management team voted for one specific staff member as overall winner. We appreciate how incredibly hard all of our staff work so as well as recognising those who go above and beyond their job descriptions we also recognise the small wins each staff member has every day. 

Having an afternoon get together for some fun, food and a good old fashioned Celine Dion sign along is sometimes just what is needed. 

JULY 2018

The staff from all three of our wonderful Nursery Schools met on the common on a sunny Friday afternoon in July to play rounders, have some food and enjoy the sunshine!

The staff were divided into two teams; the Red team and the Blue team with Marie being the impartial referee.

The Red team took the lead after the first game and looked set on an easy victory, however four consecutive runs in the finale from the Blue team sent the match to a tie break. The decider? Each captain stepped up to bat in turn and tried for a rounder. Yineksa won the match for the Red team by hitting the ball far enough to make it to the second base, one further than Federica from the Blue team.

Well done Red team a well-deserved victory!