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Technology Policy

Touchscreen, Tapestry and other forms of recording children’s records digitally

At LTNS we use two different forms of software to support the effective running of the nursery, the first is Touchscreen. This is a part of Octopus365 which is our nursery management software. We use this app on the tablets to support the operational day to day running which includes signing children and staff in and out, logging food, nappy and sleep records and completing accident forms and risk assessments. All staff have an individual pin number which allows them to log events on the tablet under their username.

The second software is Tapestry which is used to log observations and summative reports for each child. Each staff member has a log in and is responsible for their key children. On Tapestry staff write observations, take photos and videos and share these with parents. Parents give consent for photos to be shared and these lists are updated by the manager.

Both Touchscreen and Tapestry hold information and data about children which must be kept secure and confidential. Any mishandling of information may result in a disciplinary action.

The following must be complied with whilst using the software:

  • Any staff who have left must have their account deleted from Tapestry, Touchscreen and Octopus365 by their line manager

  • Staff must not access Tapestry, Touchscreen or Octopus365 outside the nursery, unless a working from home arrangement has been agreed by the SMT

  • The main password to Tapestry must be changed every 6 months (calendar reminder to be set) unless there is reason to change it sooner e.g. if there has been a data breach

  • Staff must only access Tapestry, Touchscreen or Octopus365 on LTNS devices

  • Staff who leave LTNS must destroy any passwords and agree not to access Tapestry, Touchscreen or Octopus365 after the end of their contract

  • Staff must report any improper use of software or concerns to their Designated Safeguarding Lead or Head of Schools as soon as possible

Alongside this an ‘Acceptable Use of Technology’ agreement is read and signed by each staff member who uses both hardware and software provided by LTNS.

(Insert taken from 5.14 of the Safeguarding policy pages 69-70)

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