GDPR - Privacy & Data Protection

We comply with the Data Protection Act (DPA) 1998 and General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (GDPR) and any subsequent legislation on information handling and privacy. It is necessary for us to collect personal information about you and your child and sometimes we have to confirm or share information with other organisations.


We only collect and retain information for legitimate reasons and that is necessary for what we do. Primarily we collect information to provide effective care and learning to children and to follow good practices in the employment of staff. We believe that the collection and processing of this data is implicitly accepted by the individual agreement to the childcare contract or employment contract concerned. Acceptance of these contracts is given by the use of the service provided or by attendance at work.




Types of information that we collect and hold ;


  • Your and your child’s full name

  • Home address and telephone number

  • Your child’s date of birth

  • Your and your child’s religion and nationality

  • Photographs of yourself, your child and any emergency contacts

  • Your contact numbers and addresses of your emergency contacts

  • Your email address

  • Your child’s medical conditions

  • In some cases, your National insurance number.

  • Any court order information relating to yourself or your child

  • Birth certificate or passport number including date of issue


Whilst your child is with us we store information regarding:


  • Ongoing progress and development records

  • Photographs

  • Accident records

  • Medical records

  • Any relevant Safeguarding/ Child protection information (including photos if necessary)



We will keep data locked securely in the office filing cabinet, any data held electronically is password protected. We will try to make sure that the information about you is accurate and up to date when we collect or use it. You can help us with this by keeping us informed of any changes to the information we hold about you. We aim to keep information about you and your child securely and to protect against unauthorised change, damage, loss or theft. All information collected on paper forms is kept locked away. All computers and tablets are password protected. We will hold information about you and your child only for as long as the law says. After this, we will dispose of it securely and appropriately.




Types of information we collect and hold;


  • Name, address, date of birth and other contact information

  • Copies of certificates

  • Data required for DBS

  • Medial information

  • NI and tax information

  • References from previous employers


We only share any of the above information when requested to do so by the following entities:


  1. Ofsted

  2. Local Authority Children’s department or Safeguarding Team

  3. The Police




Nappy charts, Food charts, Sleep charts : Put into paper recycling after 3 months.


Staff signing in sheets, Child sign in registers, Outings forms, Risk assessments, Kitchen Food Temperature forms : Shredded and put into paper recycling after 1 year (kept for 1 year incase requested by Ofsted or LA)


Accident and Incident Forms, Medicine Forms : Scanned and saved for 20 years.


Children’s paper files : Shredded after they leave


Staff Paper files : Retained for 1 year and then shredded

Staff Payroll files : Retained for 3 years and then shredded

Accounting Information inc invoices, petty cash, credit cards etc : retained for 6 years and then shredded.


Please contact our Data Protection Officer; Alison Murray at if you have any questions or problems with the Data Protection Act 1998, General Data Protection Regulation 2018, the Human Rights Act 1998 or the Freedom of Information Act 2000. If we cannot help you, we will give you advice on where to get the information you may need. We will let you see the information we hold about you and correct it if it is wrong.


This policy was last updated July 2020