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I would like to thank you all for the great job you are doing in running such an amazing nursery. I cant ever recommend you enough to all the local parents uncertain of where to leave their precious little ones. From the very first stages of the baby and toddler room to the more social and educational of Kindergarten and Pre-school, every child is taken care of, guided and loved

John's Parents

Webbs Road

Linden Tree have been such a large and lovely part of our life over the last three years, both girls are very happy there. We could not have asked for a more loving or supportive environment for them both

Maisie's Parents

Lavender Hill

We have always been confident that Felix was safe, happy, well fed and learning. I would recommend Linden Tree to anybody- and have done so

Felix's Parents

Clapham Old Town

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I really appreciate the proactive support provided throughout the year especially when Finn and Sully have gone through some tougher transitions. The Nursery's support when Finn started potty training was amazing, you came to me with suggestions and solutions of what could help him along -things that you would do at nursery but also things we could reinforce at home too. Additionally, I was so grateful when Finn was going through a bit of a tough few weeks and was struggling with his sharing and listening. You, me and Amy had a really productive meeting discussing what we could collectively do to support Finn through his big emotions and these tools and suggestions have helped us immensely at home.  Lastly (but not least) your suggestions and support in working out Sully's nap schedule has resulted in him now sleeping through the night!!!

 Both of my kids are SO happy at LTNS which makes (dad) and I happy. We see the love and care that all of the teachers have for our boys and we see their development soaring.

 Thank you and a huge thanks to all of the team! 


Finn and Sully's Parents 

Clapham Old Town

Because our little Benji started nursery relatively early at 7 months, we really wanted to make sure we picked the right nursery for him. Linden Tree Old Town stood out to us from the start, we were really impressed with the calm atmosphere in the baby room and the warmth of all the staff. It has now been nearly 4 months since Benji started and we could not be happier with how the team are taking care of him. He has settled really well and it is clear to see that he loves his time at nursery. I have been especially impressed with the detailed feedback from the team, the stimulating activities and the interesting outings the little ones go on. Thank you so much to each and every member of the team for creating this perfect home away from home for Benji.

Benji's Parents 

Clapham Old Town

Each of our nursery schools are in Victorian buildings with big windows and lots of natural sunlight, wooden flooring and soft homely furnishings. 
Our Froebelian nursery schools all have white walls and a hessian back drop which allows each setting to capture more natural light which creates a calmer environment. Each nursery has a garden with space for the children to explore the environment in physical ways whilst giving them the opportunity to grow and tend to vegetables and herbs. This allows the children to take responsibility for the growing of individual plants. We encourage as much outdoor play and engagement with nature as possible with weekly visits to the common. The community around our nursery schools has a lot of educational value with libraries, post offices, green grocers and bakeries nearby, our well-qualified staff are able to introduce many real life, first-hand experiences to the children throughout the week.   

Each nursery schools is slightly different due to their size and location. Each setting has the capacity for between 32 to 43 children, so we pride ourselves on our close knowledge and strong bonds with all families and children that attend.  ​

Please click on the pictures below to gain more information on each individual nursery. 
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