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Birthday Celebration Guidance

 When a child celebrates their birthday at the nursery a parent/carer may provide a cake and candles or similar to share with the children in the same room as their child.

General LTNS procedure if this occurs is as follows:

  • The cake and candles (or similar) can be used to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ at nursery

  • The cake (or similar) can be portioned out to give to the children to take home. Any allergies should be accounted for and parents will have the final decision as to whether the child can take the cake (or similar) home

  • No food sent in from home is to be consumed during nursery hours and should be sent home with the child

  • The remaining food should be given back to the child’s parent/carer who brought in the food

  • LTNS does not encourage birthday parties whilst at nursery, however recognition of this milestone can be shared in other ways such as singing the birthday child’s favourite songs, sharing their favourite books and discussing age as a part of life


There may be an occasion where a parent/carer requires a names list of children for a birthday/celebration party the following must be adhered to:

  • Only offer first names of children

  • The children must be in the same room as the child whose birthday/celebration it is

  • Permission may be sought to acquire names of children if the management deem it necessary e.g. a child is identified as particularly vulnerable


It is important to note that not all faiths and religions celebrate birthdays and all staff should ensure that families know we celebrate birthdays at nursery unless parents specifically ask us not to. Children and families who do not celebrate birthdays should be respected and understood.

This policy was last updated April 2022

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