Linden Tree Nursery Schools  – 

We are a small, bespoke, family run group where children are truly at the heart of everything we do. We pride ourselves on striving to become a center of excellence and are the nursery of choice for many local families. 

Our ETHOS in how we think we should conduct ourselves and how as a company we deliver our practice can been demonstrated through the following characteristics.

Vision- What brings us together

  • To raise the profile of Froebelian quality childcare.

  • Promote the importance of the early years education


Values- The qualities we embody

  • Passion for education

  • Courage to face our challenges and the unknown

  • Trust in our words and actions

  • Excellence in delivering exceptional results

  • Curiosity and continuous learning


Behaviours- How we work together

  • we assume the best of each other

  • we embrace diversity and promote inclusion

  • we act with integrity and treat everyone with dignity and respect

  • we communicate transparently and debate professionally

  • we pursue knowledge to enable us to grow and develop our practice


Purpose- Why we come to work every day

  • To create a new type of nursery, changing the course of early years education through bold pursuits in education and research, and a promise to always put the children first


At Linden Tree Nursery Schools our ethos is built up on the British Values which are Democracy, The rule of law, Individual liberty, Mutual respect and Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs. These values are fundamental to daily life at nursery and are embedded within our Froebelian curriculum. We build on these values to ensure that children are given the opportunity to understand and develop compassion for others. Children are guided through their learning to take responsibility and become socially prepared so that solidarity and tolerance are established at an early stage.


The principles of the Froebelian approach are embedded within our ethos, as it is important we see children as individuals and ensure they are at the heart of all we do. A key Froebelian principle is ‘Freedom and Guidance’ through this children should get stimulation and guidance from adults in order to increase their competence and acquire new knowledge and insights through their own activity. This approach ensures that different forms of language and knowledge, as well as different ways of learning are brought into balance and together form a whole.

In any situation, before we make a decision or choice we make sure to take the following 5 points into account, we also wish all our staff to follow this practice in their practice and conduct daily


  1. Is it in the best interest of the child/children

  2. Is it in the best interest of the parent

  3. Is it in the best interest of your colleagues

  4. Is it in the best interest of the nursery

  5. Is it in the best interest of the business


This policy was last updated July 2020