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Full day fees include**

* Extra days and half days (over 2 years old only) are available once registered at the daily rates shown.

** Formula milk and nappy cream are not provided.

*** Lunch and tea are provided by Zebedees.


​Supplements and Discounts

5% supplement for our minimum 2-day or 2.5 day booking pattern.

5% discount for full time attendance.

5% discount for sibling with lowest monthly fee.


Other Fees

Other fees

* Deposit is refundable at the end of your notice period.


Payment and Benefits​

  • Fees are payable on a monthly basis in advance to ‘Linden Tree Nurseries Ltd’ by BACs transfer or Tax Free Childcare. We still accept payment or part payment by all employer voucher payment schemes.

  • The Universal Three and Four Year Old Funding is available from the school term once your child reaches the age of three.

  • Linden Tree can be established as your workplace nursery. Talk to your employer and visit Workplace Nursery for more information.

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