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Coaching our Leaders

We work closely with Sean Riches from Erskine Nash Associates to coach and train our management team. Sean was first introduced to us as a parent when his children (now teenagers!) attended our Webbs Road nursery school. 


Since founding Erskine Nash in 2007, Sean and his team are extremely successful in coaching different types of management teams around the world. 

Sean and Holli Williams (Head of Schools) designed the Early Years Leadership Programme (EYLP) which specifically focuses on leaders and managers within early years settings.

The nine week programme focuses on the behaviours of our managers and utilises their strengths as well as allowing them to recognise their weaknesses both within themselves and in their teams. By understanding how they work and how they expect their teams to work gives them the skills to become more successful leaders and managers.

The Froebel Trust

The Froebel Trust is registered charity which funds a number of projects across the UK and worldwide which build on and impact Froebelian practice. At LTNS we work together with The Froebel Trust to train our practitioners in the Froebelian principles. Holli Williams (Head of Schools) is a Trustee for the Froebel Trust and works closely with other Trustees to work in the best interest of the charity. 

Human Resources

At LTNS we understand how important is it to offer the right professional support when considering our team. We recruit all new practitioners internally, however we seek external advice in other areas such as employee relations and relationship management as well as ensuring we are up to date on employment law. Our HR consultant from PrudenceHR, is Elaine Bissett. Elaine is an experienced consultant who has worked across a variety of sectors since 1999.   

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