Staff Spotlight - Spring 2019

Question 1 : Why do you like teaching children in their early years ?

Because it is still a pure and innocent stage of life. I love to discover the world again through them, with their eyes and their perspective. I like the way they use their imagination.

Question 2 : What qualifications do you hold and when, where did you gain these ?

BA HONS degree (Science of Education) 2010 at the University of Genoa

Course of activity leader for Alzheimer

Question 3 : How did you come to be teaching at Linden Tree ?

I was looking for a new setting that was meeting my expectations in terms of respecting the children and their interests; being close with nature and giving them freedom.

Question 4 : What do you like most about the Froebel approach ?

We are very involved with nature. Everything is based on the children’s interest and curiosity.

Freedom with guidance!!!

Question 5 : What makes you laugh during your work day ?

Children’s thoughts, which they love to share with me. The children’s conversations between themselves and talking about their experiences and imaginary scenarios -  like friendly monsters or grandparents who let them drive the cars, or mummy who has a new baby in her tummy, called “baby Tarzan”. Once one of my children lost her shoe on the street and an old lady gave it back to us, and the child said “Fairy God Mother saved my shoes.”

Question 6 : What do you do to relax when you are not at work ?

Swimming, going on trips to the countryside, cooking or travel.

Question 7 : What do you think you will be doing 10 years from now ?

I would like to have my own nursery in South America.


Question 8 : What is your favourite plant or flower ?

Basil and lotus flowers.



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