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Updated: Mar 20, 2018

As we progress along our journey of becoming an outstanding Froebelian setting, we realise the importance of making sure the parents join us on the journey.  Froebel believed that educators should work closely with parents so that there was a close connection between Nursery and home. A child should feel a sense of harmony and continuity between Nursery and home , not a sharp division. Athey’s research confirmed how powerful this partnership can be when professionals and parents really work together and share their insights and knowledge of individual children.  ‘Nothing gets under the parents skin more quickly and more permanently than the illumination of his or her own childs behaviour. The effect of participation can be profound’ Athey 1990 With this in mind, along with our parents meetings, parent social events, wow moments, and home learning journals, we will be sending you articles that we send to our team on why we are introducing or embedding certain practice within our setting.  If from any of these articles, you find interesting and would like to know more or link better with an activity please don’t hesitate to speak with your keyperson or Manager.

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