Characteristics of Effective Learning

We hope you are all warm today after this rather bizarre 'Spring' weather. Either way our frog spawn are perservering through the cold and some have changed into tadpoles.  This week our article is about the importance of characteristics of effective learning, the article is a little bit longer than last time, but highlights some really interesting case studies that show the importance of a learning environment that follows the childs learning rather than dictating the learning.  ' we know that attending early years settings before the age of three boosts childrens early attainment, and a number of approaches to early education have shown that they can support childrens learning. But supporting childrens future development is not just in order for them to make a prompt start with learning in primary school. Looking far beyond to their success as adults is even more important' Please find attached a link to a wonderful video by community playthings which demonstrates the characteristics of learning , it is fascinating to see how each thing a child does, is a learning opportunity. These moments are what our Teachers look for in their observations. Please do let us know if you would like any further information on this

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