A Froebelian Approach to Play and Learning

We hope you enjoyed the chapter we shared with you last week. We have had some really lovely feedback from many of you sharing things you are doing at home following the chapter. Thank you for taking the time to link with what we are doing. The attached chapter is a little bit longer, we feel it explains really well why we provide certain activities and how we observe and scaffold the children’s learning the way we do. Part of the chapter showcases an observation and the importance of real life experiences for children, following this we have some lovely things planned over the next few weeks for the children, currently Webbs and Lavender Hill have some jars of frog spawn, the children will go the library to look for books to find out how best to look after them, they will then build a home for the frog spawn, watch them grow and develop and then release on a local pond on the common. This process and opportunity covers so many areas e.g literature, understanding of the world, science, mathematics, curiosity, making links, responsibility etc. We are hoping you will be able to link closely with us on helping the frog spawn grow into frogs. Old Town will have some in a couple of weeks when Elly can scoop some more out of her pond at home.  Another part of the chapter shows the delight in learning from having chicks hatch in a nursery setting. On the 9th April we will have an incubator and some duck eggs bought to the nursery from https://www.incredibleeggs.co.uk/ , the Pre-School and Kindergarten children will each have their own egg to help raise and grow. This provides a wonderful experience for the children in so many ways. Once they have hatched, ducks actually build stronger bonds with humans than chicks do, and we can put them on water to swim, which is great as part of our science activities. We will be asking some of you lovely parents to take the eggs in the incubators home at the weekend to make sure they are warm enough and to turn the eggs each day.  Please do speak with your keyperson or Manager if you want any tips or advice to put the chapter into practice. We look forward to hearing your feedback.

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We hope you are all warm today after this rather bizarre 'Spring' weather. Either way our frog spawn are perservering through the cold and some have changed into tadpoles.  This week our article is

As we progress along our journey of becoming an outstanding Froebelian setting, we realise the importance of making sure the parents join us on the journey.  Froebel believed that educators should w

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