We have a varied and exciting activities program specifically designed to engage the children in new experiences and environments to help them learn and grow in confidence, as well as having fun of course.​

The activities have been designed and planned to be bespoke to each individual nursery. 

They are as follows;







If you enjoy gardening and would like to lead anactivity please speak to your key person or nursery manager  

Music Maestros 
Music Maestros is our music program that is delivered throughout the week in each nursery. The programme supports personal, social and emotional development, communication and language, physical development and children’s expressive arts and design. The children are encouraged to explore different types of song and dance through action songs, props and musical instruments. By collaborating with different types of movement and sounds children begin to build their confidence and develop their speech and language skills within small groups. The individual needs and interests of all children are included in the sessions along with cultural music and rhymes. Children have the opportunity to learn about tempo, beats and rhythm which varies from a selection of music including classical, modern, jazz and opera, allowing children to become aware of the many changing abilities of sounds.
Before children leave us to attend school, we hold a graduation event every summer to celebrate their time with us and to wish them luck in their future education
During their first year of school, we still welcome children for additional sessions at the Nursery over half terms and the summer break
Creativity is one of those words that is bursting with vitality and has a positive impact on learning, thinking and feeling. Participating in creative activities, such as building, painting, singing and dancing activates both sides of the brain, the linear left hemisphere and the creative, non- sequential right hemisphere. These types of activities are excellent for helping children reach their full potential. The children are encouraged to look at art in their local area as well as visiting art galleries such as the Tate on longer trips out. The activities provided enable children to think creatively, with an open mind. The children engage in a variety of activities with various modes and media. The opportunities are endless as they learn to observe and describe, analyse and interpret, express feelings, with or without words. It is a great experience where children will discover that there is more than one right answer and explore multiple points of view. The arts introduce children to cultures from around the world; there is not just one correct way to make art, every child can feel pride in his or her original artistic creations.
Mini Monet

Through the Froebelian approach, we passionately believe that children should be outdoors and exploring nature at every opportunity. With the incredibly fortunate positioning of all our nurseries being on the doorstep to the Commons, the children can embrace nature and the outside with open arms and engage in multiple first-hand experiences. Forest Folk allows children to see the natural world as an endless recourse to their play, where they can always use their imagination. Introducing children to the natural world come rain or shine and allowing them to engage in a number of activities such as mini beast hunts, making mud pies, searching for fossils or collecting rocks, sticks and leaves to bring back to nursery. The children are also involved in planting flowers, fruits and vegetables to care for and watch grow, allowing them to develop a sense of wonder and curiosity for the natural world.

Forest Folk

Kids Kitchen encourages children to be involved in the cooking process and incorporates many aspects of the EYFS by allowing children to develop their communication and understanding, self-esteem and understanding of mathematics along with creating new recipes and experimenting through science and developing valuable life skills. Younger children are encouraged to explore different foods and textures through their senses. Babies explore new objects by using their hands and mouth to feel textures and try new tastes. The older children have the opportunity to engage in more structured cooking activities. They can develop an understanding of capacity, weight, counting and scientific changes in foods when they are cooked. Each child has their own placemat and chef’s hat, which reminds them of food hygiene principals and encourages them to follow step by step recipes. Recipes will be planned alongside children’s interest where they can participate in rich first-hand experiences.

Some of the food used will come from the children’s vegetable patches which are being built into every garden, teaching the children that food doesn’t just come from a fridge but grows below and above the ground. The other food for the recipes will come from the local shops and markets which our pre-school like to buy for the rest of the nursery.

Kids Kitchen